• Elysse Gracie

Processing Week 1

It's Friday. I have hit a high of excitement...or at least I did at 1 pm. Now it's 9:30, and I'm sitting on my couch listening to the Spotify playlist I just created while I rework my resumé.

Listen to it here while you read this:

Creative playlist name, I know.

I should be exhausted, and I think I am? I ran a couple miles and worked out this morning. Honestly, no one is more surprised than me. After an intensely productive week on Zoom attending DPI lectures and completing homework, I did not think I would be able to wake up at 7:30 am or live through the day. However, I really feel like I've retained much of what I've learned. I am also feeling incredibly grateful that I was able to move my body before sitting for the rest of the day. We went 10-7:30 with breaks, but I was only able to nap for 15 minutes. (Breaks are short and usually half of what is promised, but I don't mind. I'm paying for this opportunity to learn. Give me all the tips!)

Now, I'm letting my music distract me from time to time while I update my resumé with some of the insight I received today from a DPI alum. I have also been been jotting down some additions, deletions I want to make as they come to me during class. I need to add more specific experience I have from previous jobs that will help me showcase my relevant skills. I need to take out what no longer applies. Catering your resumé to a position feels manipulative for some reason, even with proof that you can actually do the things you're talking about!

My family just walked in to eat some dessert my grandma made. I better give my job applications a rest for tonight. I need to do some copyediting in the morning for a small business before I start my non-fiction book proposal due Monday. I'm on the ride of my life! It's a welcome distraction from COVID-19. So is this cheesecake. Bye!

My Biggest Conundrum of the Week: To go into Editorial or Publicity?