• Elysse Gracie

Midnight Sun Book Talk

I've started my very own book club! For now, we are focusing on YA books because that is our common denominator. I was so excited to host this book talk with friends from different sectors of my life, and I can't wait to do more!

I only gave myself a week to read Midnight Sun, and I felt like middle school me come back to life. I enjoyed going back to my roots and reading hundreds of pages a day. I was immediately displaced into my own middle school cafeteria when I read the scene where Edward chooses to sit at a table alone knowing Bella will want to sit with him.

My perspective about much of the love story changed, and I really appreciated getting to hear Edward's side of things. I really tried to suspend my belief and not look at this book from a feminist lens. That's really hard to do after years of practiced literary criticism. Though I professed a lifelong dedication to Team Jacob at 12, I'm surprised to find that I'm now Team Edward. Sure, he's judgmental and his actions would be kinda creepy if Bella wasn't into him, but I think he had good intentions. For an immortal, he has a very human way of giving into his temptation. I feel like we can all identify with having great self control where we want but letting loose when it seems the reward of giving in is worth the consequence. (Like eating every Almond Joy in the Halloween bowl.) While Edward's constrained to his "vegetarian diet", he has given up control of his heart and let Bella in. Is this what love is all about–yielding to our lover despite a guarded heart and decades of trauma? Or, because Bella is his ideal meal, is Edward really just choosy about what he gives into?

Some Topics we covered/Questions we answered:

How do we view the Twilight series as adults compared to when we were pre-teens?

Have our opinions of Bella and Edward changed?

Did we read this with a feminist lens?

How do we feel about Edward and Bella's relationship now?

Was any of the magic still there for us?

Do we think Edward would have still been interested in Bella if he couldn't read her thoughts? i.e. the unattainable girl

What new information/feelings did this book bring up that Twilight (from what we can remember) left out?

Were there any inconsistencies or things that weren't fully explained?

What people/ideas/plot lines would we have like to read more about?