• Elysse Gracie

DPI Week 2

This week we started editing under the guidance of professional freelance editors Nan Satter and Cory Hunter. I woke up early to revisit my homework from the night before.

Editing week 2 was brutal in terms of sleep. We edited two vastly different pieces. One was an excerpt from a non-fiction wellness book. The other was a section from a mystery fiction novel. Nan graded my first document, over the wellness material, and I can confidently say that non-fiction wellness and I do not agree. When it comes to editing non-fiction, it is clear that I do not know what I'm doing ... yet.

My second editing selection homework was graded by Cory. I did much better editing this piece because I was more interested in what I was reading. I wanted to make the story better by correctly copyediting the material. And I wanted to let the plot shine, cut out the crud, and add some more detail to keep the reader interested. Cory said I did "some really good work, caught the mechanical errors, and made some smart changes" but needed to work on my nuance. I'll let you know what this means when I figure it out.

My hypothesis was right: I perform better in genres I'm interested in.

I spoke to Cory later in the week and asked her questions about her experience working in an office culture in New York. I really wanted to know what kinds of things I should be thinking about as I pursue a big cross-country move. She confided that she does miss the city and the hustle of the office. These are both things I'm looking forward to as freelancing is not for me. Right now, as I edit manuscripts at my home office, a section of my room I tried to make cute and functional, I can't help but daydream about working on a team again. I hope we get a COVID-19 vaccine soon. Jill, Margaret, and Jennifer have done an excellent job of moving all DPI material online. But let me tell you, Zoom fatigue is REAL. I'm an extrovert closer to the median of the personality scale, and I'm craving a collaborative environment in person. I want to sit at a desk, walk around and see people, use an elevator, run to get copies, feel like I'm part of an overall productive atmosphere. I know I'm probably the odd one out, but woman cannot live in pajamas alone.

My class is wonderful (and decidedly very against moving to New York)! If I hadn't have had so many exhilarating memories there already, I could see how the city might seem daunting. I get that we've all built lives in other places, and it's not practical for everyone to get up and move their entire livelihood across the country. But, for me, this is something that I crave. I love a late night rendezvous to the Korean karaoke bar. A daytime walk through central park, the birds refusing to move out of the way. Meeting two old men, lifelong boating friends, at a bar to watch the Rangers lose on a T.V. entirely too small for such an expensive establishment.