• Elysse Gracie

DPI Day 2

Okay, now I'm overwhelmed. That said, I'm confident I'm in the right place.

I had a rough start to my morning for my own personal reasons. But the rest of the day? A genuinely wonderful time! Hours of absorbing new information can be fun when you enjoy the content. And it's only just begun! *cue the Carpenters*

What I don't get tired of hearing are the words "dream job." When each speaker talks about what they do, it seems to be a common identifier. Seeing industry experts want to usher us into our dreams jobs feels unbelievable. I ended today feeling very welcomed into publishing and not so scared of the pandemic's threat to my professional future.

Now, I'm exhausted and need to wipe off my makeup, make my bed, and finish some remaining homework. If four intensive weeks help me break into my dream career, that's fine by me. I'll post a few of the illuminating thoughts I wrote down to keep myself inspired.