• Elysse Gracie

Day Before It Begins

It's Saturday, July 11th. Tomorrow, the Denver Publishing Institute kicks off with an online orientation. I'm propped up on my settee in a raw honey mask trying to keep my acne flare-up at bay, cute.

A Description of My Work Table

I'm studying the Selena edition of People Magazine my mom bought me last month to finish the marketing assignment for DPI, so it's front and center. I was supposed to be looking for book reviews inside, but to no avail because the contents are solely of Selena's life and those inspired by her. She was so beautiful and vivacious. As her #1 fan throughout childhood, I am now obligated to look through the magazine slowly for nostalgia, or as a procrastination tactic.

The other things on deck are:

  • my favorite chapstick (from the dentist's office—I've already gone through 2 this year!)

  • my Fitbit long overdue for a charge

  • my newly prescribed pepsid (ugh)

  • a nice pen I got from my last job

  • an amber Calyan Wax Candle jar I now use to host my highlighters and mascara

  • a headband I think I bought in Honduras

  • The Elements of Style book peeking from behind my laptop

  • my camera tripod

  • on my laptop, I'm currently distracted and reading Kellie Brown's blog post: 3 Habits of Successful Freelancers. She's stylish and struggles with work-life balance. Sounds like me.

I'm not nervous to get started tomorrow though maybe I should be, having not completed all of my assignments yet. I didn't even get started late ! As soon as I got the assignments, I made a whole binder dedicated to the Denver Publishing Institute and started reading. I've heard it's a whirlwind. I'm excited! Maybe I'll share my binder another day when I've got more assignments to fill it up.